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John Stevens (born 1947)[1] is a Buddhist priest, teacher of Buddhist studies and aikido teacher.

Stevens formerly taught Eastern philosophy at Tohoku Fukushi University in Japan. His aikido rank is 7th dan Aikikai. He has lived in Sendai since 1973.[1]


John Stevens was born in Chicago but grew up in Evanston, Illinois. He moved to Sendai in Japan in 1973 in order to study Buddhism and began practising Aikido soon afterwards. He practised under Hanzawa Yoshimi Sensei and then under Shirata Rinjiro Sensei[2] (白田林二郎).

He has created his own system of Aikido, which he calls Classical Aikido, which is a complete system emphasizing misogi, kotodama, and the unity of aiki-ken, aiki-jo, and taijutsu (body arts). He has taught it all over the world.[3]


Stevens has written over thirty books on Buddhism, aikido and Asian culture, including:

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