John Stoltenberg

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John Stoltenberg
Born 1945 (age 68–69)
United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Occupation Writer
Known for Radical feminism, anti-pornography activism
Spouse(s) Andrea Dworkin

John Stoltenberg (born 1945[1]) is an American radical feminist activist, scholar, author, and magazine editor.[2] He is the former managing editor of AARP The Magazine, a bimonthly publication of the United States-based advocacy group AARP, a position he held from 2004 until 2012.

Stoltenberg was life partner to Andrea Dworkin for thirty-one years (eventually marrying), although he considers himself gay.[1]


Stoltenberg holds a degree in fine arts and a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary. He is well known as a feminist activist and author. He has written a series of books and articles criticizing traditional concepts of manhood or maleness, such as Refusing to Be a Man: Essays on Sex and Justice, "Why I Stopped Trying to be a Real Man," [3] and The End of Manhood: A Book for Men of Conscience.

Stoltenberg created "The Pose Workshop," which entailed men adopting the poses that women strike in pornographic shots (intended partly for men attending Christian retreats), a version of which was broadcast on BBC television.

He was Andrea Dworkin's life partner for thirty-one years. They began living together in 1974; in 1998 they married (see Andrea Dworkin's relationship with John Stoltenberg).

Stoltenberg is a founder of the group 'Men Can Stop Rape'[4] and developed the group's 'My Strength' campaign[5] which aims to educate young men on sexual relationships, consent and rape. He also creative-directs the group's 'My Duty'[6] sexual-assault-prevention media campaign, which is licensed to the United States Department of Defense's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office.[7]

Stoltenberg is credited with the quote: "Pornography tells lies about women. But pornography tells the truth about men."[8]

Stoltenberg has described how, as a feminist male, he has had to reevaluate and even discontinue relationships with some of his male friends.[9]




  • "Of Microbes and Manhood — Sexual risk-taking among young men in the U.S. increases the likelihood of their contracting and spreading a sexually transmitted infection. Everything is gendered when it comes to education, prevention, and treatment," published in Ms. 10, no. 5, (2000): 60[10]

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