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John Verity (born 3 July 1949 in Bradford, West Yorkshire) is an English guitarist formerly with the band Argent from 1973 to 1976.

When Argent split up, he formed Phoenix with Bob Henrit and Jim Rodford. The band recorded three albums with CBS Records and toured Europe before disbanding.[1] Rodford joined the Kinks, Verity and Henrit joined Charlie, to record an album with RCA Records. Verity produced the Phoenix albums and Charlie album as well as the first Saxon album.

During the early 1980s Verity worked with Brian Connolly (former vocalist with Sweet) in an attempt to launch him as a solo artist. A single, "Hypnotised" was released on Carrere Records in 1982 produced by Verity, and written by Joe Lynn Turner. Verity was part of Connolly's backing band Encore when they supported Pat Benatar at the beginning of 1983. The line up of this band was formed from members of Verity's own band, which went on to release several albums including Interrupted Journey.[2]

He continues to gig continuously throughout the UK and overseas with the John Verity Band, with occasional solo outings where he will work with experienced musicians in the destination country. John also has many acoustic gigs as a duo with either Max Milligan or Mark Griffiths, as well as with the band. The usual line up features Henrit on drums with either Bob Skeat or Mark Griffiths on bass.[3]



  • John Verity Band - John Verity Band (Dunhill Records) (1974)
  • Argent - Circus (Epic Records) (1975)
  • Argent - Counterpoints (RCA Records) (1975)
  • Phoenix - "Phoenix" (CBS Records) (1976)
  • Phoenix - In Full View (Charisma Records) (1979)
  • Charlie - Good Morning America (RCA Records) (1981)
  • John Verity - Interrupted Journey (PRT Records) (1983)
  • John Verity - Truth of the Matter (PRT Records)(1985)
  • John Verity - Rock Solid (1989)
  • John Verity Band - Hold Your Head Up (1995)
  • John Verity Band - Whole Lotta Love (1995)
  • John Verity - From the Heart (2001)
  • John Verity Band - Routes (Vavoom Records) (2004)
  • John Verity and Max Milligan - Unplugged and Unhinged (Vavoom Records) (2005)
  • John Verity Band - Live (Vavoom Records) (2006)
  • John Verity Band - Say Why? (Vavoom Records) (2007)
  • Phoenix - "Still Burning" (VaVoom Records) (2009)
  • Verity - "Rise Like The Phoenix" (VaVoom Records) (2010)
  • John Verity - "Unplugged and Unhinged Again" (Vavoom Records) (2010)
  • John Verity - "Leo Had It Right" (VaVoom Records) (2011)
  • John Verity - "Its a Mean Old Scene" (VaVoom Records) (2012)
  • John Verity - "Tone Hound on the last train to Corona" (VaVoom Records) (2014)
  • JohnVerity Band - "Live at Bosky" (VaVoom Records) (2015)


  • Phoenix - "Easy" (1976)
  • Phoenix - "Time Of The Season" (1977)
  • Phoenix - "Juliet" (1980)
  • Charlie - "Perfect Lover" (1981)
  • Brian Connolly - "Hypnotized" (1982) produced and featuring Verity
  • Verity - "Stay With Me" (1983)
  • Verity - "Rescue Me" (Rescue Me)
  • John Verity - "What About Me" (1984)
  • John Verity - "Honesty and Emotion" (1985)
  • Verity - "Two Hearts Burning" (1987)
  • John Verity - "Want You" (1987)


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