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Industry Board & Card Games
Fate Acquired
Successor(s) Hasbro
Founded 19th Century
Defunct 1994
Headquarters Leeds & London
Products Monopoly
Waddingtons Christmas Jigsaws

Waddingtons was a publisher of card and board games in the United Kingdom. It was also a major producer of folding cartons, such as toothpaste, Easter egg and cigarettes, as well as a designer of stamps and currency. The company was founded by John Waddington of Leeds, England and Wilson Barratt, under the name Waddingtons Limited. The name was changed to Waddington's House of Games, then John Waddington Limited, then Waddington Games, and finally just Waddingtons.

The company was initially established as a printing business, entering into game production in 1922, due to a boom in demand for playing cards around World War I.[1] Waddingtons subsequently sold both original games (especially tie-ins for UK television programmes) and games licensed from other publishers.

The company was eventually bought by Hasbro in 1994.[2]

Beginning in 1994, Christmas-themed jigsaw puzzles were released annually until 2007, a total of thirteen puzzles. The first twelve in the series depicted a scene from a Victorian-era Christmas. The final puzzle depicted a scene from the fairy tale Cinderella. The small number of puzzles, combined with the fact that they were all limited editions, has made these puzzles among the most sought-after in the world.[3]


Among the games published by Waddingtons were:


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