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John Michael Welsh of Irongray (c. 1624-1681) was a leader of the Scottish Covenanters movement.

He was the grandson of John Welsh, minister of Ayr, and a great-grandson of John Knox. He is called "of Irongray" - referring to the parish of Irongray in Dumfriesshire, to differentiate him from his grandfather.

On one occasion, John Welsh preached to a large crowd at Kinkell, near St Andrews.

Philip Standfield, son of Sir James Standfield and a student at St Andrews University, attended the sermon and threw some missile that struck the preacher. Welsh said "I do not know who has put this public affront on Christ; but, be he who he may, there shall be more at his death than hearing me preach today". This turned out to be true, for the young man was later hanged for murdering his father.[1]


Son: Edward Alexander Welsh md Sarah Gaines: Grandson: Robert Alexander Welsh md Judith Barr: Great Gradnson: John Robert Welsh md Anne Elizabeth Heggerty: 2nd Great Grandson: William Patrick Welsh md Johanna Cloughlan: 3rd Great Grandson Michael Patrick Welsh md Mary Ann Dunn.


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