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The John von Neumann Award, named after John von Neumann is given annually by the Rajk László College for Advanced Studies (Budapest, Hungary), to an outstanding scholar in the exact social sciences, whose works have had substantial influence over a long period of time on the studies and intellectual activity of the students of the college. The award was established in 1994 and is given annually. In 2013, separately from the annual prize, Kenneth J. Arrow was given the Honorary John von Neumann Award.

This award differentiates itself from other scientific awards on the basis that it is given by students, decided on whom they rated the highest. The students select the nominees and vote for the prize-winner in the Assembly of the College after a review and debate regarding the selected names.


Award was given until now to the following scholars:


Year Recipient
2013 Kenneth J. Arrow (Stanford University)


Year Recipient
1995 John Harsanyi (UC Berkeley)
1996 Hal Varian (at the time University of Michigan)
1997 János Kornai (Harvard University and Budapest College)
1998 Jean Tirole (University of Toulouse)
1999 Oliver Williamson (UC Berkeley)
2001 Avinash K. Dixit (Princeton University)
2002 Jon Elster (Columbia University)
2003 Maurice Obstfeld (UC Berkeley)
2004 Gary S. Becker (University of Chicago)
2005 Glenn C. Loury (Brown University)
2006 Matthew Rabin (UC Berkeley)
2007 Daron Acemoglu (MIT)
2008 Kevin M. Murphy (University of Chicago)
2009 Philippe Aghion (Harvard University)
2010 Tim Besley (London School of Economics) [1]
2011 Joshua Angrist (MIT)
2012 Olivier Blanchard (MIT)
2013 Esther Duflo (MIT)
2014 Emmanuel Saez (UC Berkeley)

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