Johnny's Newest Hits

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Johnny's Newest Hits
Greatest hits album by Johnny Mathis
Released 1963
Genre Pop
Label Columbia
Producer Ernie Altschuler, Irving Townsend
Johnny Mathis chronology
Johnny's Newest Hits

Johnny's Newest Hits is the eighteenth album released by Johnny Mathis. It is the fourth compilation of hit singles released by him.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "What Will My Mary Say"
  2. "Gina"
  3. "Unaccustomed as I Am"
  4. "Sweet Thursday"
  5. "There You Are"
  6. "Wasn't the Summer Short?"
  7. "That's the Way It Is"
  8. "Marianna"
  9. "I Love Her That's Why"
  10. "I'll Never Be Lonely Again"
  11. "One Look"
  12. "Quiet Girl"

Billboard Album Chart[edit]

As with his three previous singles compilations, this album was a success for Mathis, peaking at #6 on the Billboard album chart in its original release, his seventeenth consecutive album to chart.[1]


Unlike his previous hits collections, there are no Broadway or movie songs on this collection. It does include a song arranged and conducted by Nelson Riddle, "Wasn't The Summer Short". Also included are Mathis' last two substantial hit singles from his first Columbia Records period "Gina" and "What Will My Mary Say". Along with "Marianna", they are examples of songs featuring woman's names, a type of song that Mathis frequently recorded. Later on, he would record songs such as "Arianne" and "Evie" in the 1970s.


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