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Johnny Andrews is an American songwriter, producer, and vocalist based in Atlanta, Georgia, and Nashville, Tennessee. Several of Andrews’ songs have reached the Top 20 on Billboard’s rock charts, most notably “I’m Not Jesus” (Apocalyptica featuring Corey Taylor), and “End of Me” (Apocalyptica featuring Gavin Rossdale).

Partial Discography[edit]

Apocalyptica: Worlds Collide (2007)

The Waterboys: Book of Lightning (2007)

Better Than Ezra: Paper Empire (2009)

The 69 Eyes: Back in Blood (2009)

Die Mannequin: Fino + Bleed (2009)

Apocalyptica: 7th Symphony (2010)

Tarja: What Lies Beneath (2010)

10 Years: Feeding the Wolves (2010)

Stealing Angels: Stealing Angels (2011)

Tarja: Colours In The Dark (2013)

Tarja: Never Enough (song, 2013)

Indica: Shine (2014)

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