Johnny Appleseed (film)

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Johnny Appleseed
Directed by Wilfred Jackson
Produced by Walt Disney
Written by Winston Hibler
Joe Rinaldi
Erdman Penner
Jesse Marsh
Starring Dennis Day
Music by Paul J. Smith
Cinematography Hal Ambro & Harvey Toombs (animators)
Release dates
May 27, 1948
Running time
19 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Johnny Appleseed (1948) is a short film from Walt Disney, telling the story of American frontiersman John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed.


The film begins with Johnny Appleseed as a farmer in Pittsburgh, watching others go west along the Ohio River, and wishing he could, too. Johnny is inspired by an angel to abandon his farm, go west, and plant apple seeds everywhere he goes. The angel tells Johnny that he has all that he needs to go out West: a bag of seeds to plant, a Bible, and a pot that he can use for a hat. In his travels, Johnny befriends a skunk, and thereafter, all animals instinctively trust him. In the end, after walking hundreds of miles and planting apple trees all along the way, Johnny finally rests for the last time under a tree; his angel appears before him, and tells Johnny that it's time to go. Johnny gets up, scared at first upon realizing he's dead, but refuses to go to his final resting place, believing that his work is not done yet. However, the angel tells him that, where they're headed, they're low on apple trees, so Johnny picks up his seed bag and happily agrees to go with him.


Dennis Day performed all roles.

Prior release[edit]

The film was originally a sequence in Disney's Melody Time, released May 27, 1948. It was included on the DVD Disney's American Legends, on February 12, 2002.

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