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Not to be confused with John Legend.
Johnny Legend
Johnny Legend.jpg
Background information
Birth name Martin Margulies
Born (1948-10-03)October 3, 1948
San Fernando, California, United States
Genres Rock and Roll
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 1979 - 2000

Johnny Legend is an American rockabilly musician, film producer, actor and wrestling manager.


Johnny Legend was born Martin Margulies on October 3, 1948, in San Fernando, California. Inducted into the "Rockabilly Hall of Fame" He lives in Northern California. He is married to Linda Lautrec, filmmaker, writer, co-director of "My Breakfast with Blassie." They have one daughter, Daniele.


Main Releases

  1. Are You Hep To Me? (Honeymoon Bop, 1979).
  2. Rockabilly Rumble (As Johnny Legend & His Skullcaps) (Rollin' Rock, 1981).
  3. Soakin' the Bone (As Johnny Legend & His Skullcaps) (Rollin' Rock, 1981).
  4. I Bite the Songs (Freddie Blassie, Produced by Johnny Legend) (Rhino, 1985).
  5. Rockabilly Rumble (Rollin' Rock Switzerland, 1994).
  6. Rockabilly Bastard: The Best of Johnny Legend, Volume None (Johnny Legend & His Rockabilly Bastards) (Hightone, 1997).
  7. Bitchin' (Dionysus, 1998).


  1. (Various Artists) Rollin' the Rock, Vol.1 (Rollin' Rock, 1976).
  2. (Various Artists) Rollin' the Rock, Vol. 2 (Rollin' Rock, 1977).
  3. (Original Soundtrack) Teenage Cruisers---The Cream of California Rockabilly (Rhino, 1980).
  4. (Various Artists) Forever Gene Vincent (Rollin' Rock, 1980).
  5. (Various Artists) Wrestling Rocks (Rhino, 1985).
  6. (Various Artists) Turning the World Blue: A Tribute to Gene Vincent (Skizmatic, 1996).
  7. (Various Artists) Rollin' Rock Got the Sock, Vol. 1 (Hightone, 1997).
  8. (Various Artists) Rollin' Rock Got the Sock, Vol. 2 (Hightone, 1998).
  9. (Various Artists) The Big Monster Bash, Vol. 1 (Mouthpiece, 1998).
  10. (Various Artists) Stock Footage: Music From the Films of Roger Corman (Worry Bird, 2000).
  11. (Various Artists) Original Soundtrack---If These Walls Could Talk 2 (Jellybean, 2000).


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