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Johnny Mains
Born 1976
Galashiels, Roxburghshire
Occupation editor
Nationality Scottish
Genre Horror fiction, Non-fiction

Johnny Mains (born 1976, Galashiels, Roxburghshire) is a Scottish editor and writer of horror fiction.


Johnny Mains is an award winning editor, biographer and horror historian whose main area of expertise is British horror anthologies. He also the author of two collections of horror stories.

Mains is a lifelong fan of The Pan Book of Horror stories which led him to release his first anthology as editor, Back From the Dead: The Legacy of the Pan Book of Horror Stories, which features sixteen new stories and five reprints from the original series. Authors featured include such Pan luminaries as Basil Copper, Christopher Fowler and Nicholas Royle. The book was released through Mains' Noose and Gibbet imprint at the World Horror Convention in March 2010.[1][2][3] and won the Best Anthology Award at the 2011 British Fantasy Society Awards. At the World Horror Convention in March 2010, Mains was responsible for the biggest gathering of Pan Horror authors for a panel on the history of the series and the dealings the authors had with its editor, Herbert Van Thal.

Mains was appointed Project Editor for the re-issue of the 1959 Pan Book of Horror Stories.[citation needed] The book was published, with a new introduction in October 2010 but was not commercially successful.

Other work[edit]

Mains' debut fiction collection 'With Deepest Sympathy' was published by Obverse Books in October 2010.

Mains has also edited the anthologies 'Bite Sized Horror' and 'The Screaming Book of Horror' for Obverse Books and Screaming Dreams in turn. He also edited Best British Horror, a collection of the best horror short fiction from 2013, and Dead Funny (with Robin Ince), a collection of horror stories by comedians, both for Salt Publications.

In October 2011, Zoghogg TV turned Mains' story 'The Jacket' into a short film at a cost of £50 all in.[4] Mains has also appeared on the special features of a Hammer Horror documentary.[citation needed]

Lest You Suffer Nightmares[edit]

Mains is credited with writing the first biography on van Thal. Lest You Should Suffer Nightmares was published as an addendum to Back From the Dead: The Legacy of the Pan Book of Horror Stories. It was reprinted (with additional information) and published as a stand alone book by Screaming Dreams in September 2011 with artwork by Les Edwards.


Short Stories[edit]

  • The Bear and the Fish Writers Cafe Anthology 2006 (Writers Cafe)
  • The Spoon The Third Black Book of Horror (Mortbury Press)
  • With Deepest Sympathy The Fourth Black Book of Horror (Mortbury Press)
  • The Trapper Pantechnicon (e-zine)
  • First Foot Estronomicon (Screaming Dreams)
  • Gun Money* Pantheon (Magazine)
  • George V Voices From The Past (H&H Books)
  • Final Draft Graveyard Rendezvous (Black Hill Books)
  • The Jacket Alt-Dead (Hersham Horror)
  • Head Soup Aklonomicon (Aklo Press)
  • The Tip Run "Screaming Book of Horror" (Screaming Dreams)
  • The Cure The Unspoken (Karoshi Books)
  • I Wish 13 (Spokenworld Audio)
  • Aldeburgh Terror Tales of East Anglia (Gray Friar Press)
  • The Cannibal Whores of Effingham Anatomy of Death (Hersham)
  • The Girl on the Suicide Bridge Beside the Seaside (Snowbooks)


  • With Deepest Sympathy
  • Frightfully Cosy and Mild Stories For Nervous Types


  • Back From the Dead: The Legacy of the Pan Book of Horror Stories (Noose & Gibbet)
  • Bite Sized Horror (Obverse Books)
  • Screaming Book of Horror (Screaming Dreams)
  • The Burning Circus (British Fantasy Society)
  • Best British Horror 2014 (Salt Publishing)
  • Dead Funny: Horror Stories By Comedians (Salt Publishing)

Essays and Interviews[edit]

  • A Brief History of the Horrors - Pan Book of Horror Stories (Pan Books)
  • An Interview with Basil Copper - Brighton Shock (WHC 2010/PS Publishing)

Noose and Gibbet[edit]

  • Back From The Dead: The Legacy of the Pan Book of Horror Stories
  • The Mask and Other Stories - Herbert van Thal
  • Party Pieces: The Horror Fiction of Mary Danby (Sept. 2012)


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