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Johnny Madero, Pier 23 was a 30-minute radio detective drama series which was broadcast on Mutual Thursday at 8pm from April 24, 1947 to September 4, 1947.

The storylines follow the footsteps of fast-talking, wisecracking Johnny Madero (Jack Webb), who runs a boat shop on the San Francisco waterfront, rents boats and usually drops in for a weekly chat with Father Leahy (Gale Gordon). When investigating a crime, Madero manages to solve the mystery before tough cop Warchek (William Conrad). The supporting cast sometimes included Elaine Burke, Bob Holden, Herb Butterfield, Irvin Lee and Herb Rawlinson.

Harry Zimmerman provided the background music. Nat Wolff directed the scripts by Richard Breen, Herb Margolis and Lou Markheim. The program's announcer was Tony LaFranco.


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