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Joi Chua
Joi sum.jpg
Photo Shoot for EP, PERSPECTIVES, released in 2012
Background information
Native name 蔡淳佳
Born (1978-08-03) August 3, 1978 (age 36)
Origin Singapore
Genres Pop, Folk
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, actress
Years active 1996–present
Labels Ocean Butteflies, Warner Music Singapore, Joi Music

Joi Chua or Joi Tsai (Chinese: 蔡淳佳; pinyin: Cài Chúnjiā, born August 3, 1978) is a Singaporean female singer originally signed under Play Music and now managed by her own label, Joi Music.

Life and Key Milestones[edit]

Early years[edit]

Joi was educated at Raffles Girls' Primary School, Clementi Town Secondary School, and Singapore Polytechnic majoring in Optometry.

Joi was influenced by her elder brother to pick up singing from a young age. She joined and led the choir in her Secondary school and later joined budding singers in The Ark, a cafe with live performances, which molded the most important part of Joi's singing career. She debuted as a commercial singer in 1996 in Extraordinary Singers Course organized by Ocean Butterflies Production Company, where she was chosen from over 2000 candidates at its premiere audition to join the label as a trainee singer. Joi's first album under the same name, was however only launched in 2000 as she decided to complete her education before embarking on her singing career. Unfortunately, the album did not receive its desired response, and Joi returned to the hospital to work as an optometrist between 2001 to 2003 after her short stint. She was later approached by Play Music in 2003 and her return album "Sunrise 《日出》" in 2004 sealed her fate as one of Singapore's most iconic singers as she picked up the merit award under the cultural achievement category for The Outstanding Young Person Award for 2006. Play Music was later acquired by Warner Music and Joi came under the wings of the global music label till 2010 before switching to her own management.

Key Milestones[edit]

In addition to being a celebrity singer, she is actively involved in social causes and was appointed the ambassador for the Singapore Speak Mandarin Campaign 2005 which involved her in concerts over 12 different primary and secondary schools to promote the campaign. She was later commissioned by MediaCorp to sing the Channel 8 NKF Drama Series theme song and the sub-theme song. She lent her voice for the Chinese theme song of ‘Uniquely You' for the Singapore Tourism Board and was also the agency's ambassador to promote Singapore as a choice destination to both locals and foreigners. Joi also contributes to the community service through her work in promoting the mandarin language and as an ambassador for World Visions and Mercy Relief.

Joi has been given the honor to perform in the prestigious National Day parade 2005 & again in 2008 when she helms the stage as the anchor for the night. She also led the large-scale sold-out music Craze Concert in 2005, 2006 and was invited to be the anchor performer for Chingay Parade 2012, which was telecast to more than a hundred million audience around the world. Further to her success at home, Joi is also well-received in China, where she was invited to sing at the CCTV mid-autumn celebrations in China in 2007, 2008 and 2014. This celebration is one of the most-watched festive program broadcast globally every year.

Joi's name is a synonym of talent in the local music scene and continuously builds her singing career as one of Singapore's most exportable talents. Joi's signature album "Sunrise 《日出》" reigns the top-selling charts 4 weeks in a row, was the best-selling local female singer of the year in 2005. Joi became one of the top-selling female singers in Singapore as her later releases keeps her top of the game and her albums remain in the top ten overall best-selling charts consecutively for 3 years. She was later nominated Best Female Vocalist in the industry's most prestigious "Taiwan's Golden Melody Awards" in 2008 for her album, "Joi Blessed 《庆幸拥有蔡淳佳》". Joi went on to win "Best Asia-Pacific Vocalist" in the "Original Chinese Music Awards" held in China in 2010 with her album "Back to Basics 《回到最初》". Later, her co-written work "Darkness 《不透光》" from this EP, with prolific composer-producer Jim Lim won her, her first "Best Melody Composition" award in Singapore e-Award in 2012.

Entrepreneur Singer-Songwriter[edit]

Trained as an optometrist, Joi fulfilled her second dream when she started her own optical practice, The Eyecare People in 2011. The store offers specialised eye care services and accessories in a lifestyle boutique setting in Holland Village, Singapore. To add on to her entrepreneurial profile, Joi started her own music label, Joi Music, and executively produced her latest EP, PERSPECTIVES in 2012. PERSPECTIVES won rave reviews locally and abroad, gaining more than 93 chart toppers and managed top 10 in more than 500 over radio stations in China alone.

Private Life[edit]

Joi is married in December 2010 to her beau of 10 years.


  1. Joi Tsai, Joi 蔡淳佳, 2000 (Sony Taiwan)
  2. Sunrise, 日出, September 2004
  3. One Day, 有一天我会, August 2005
  4. Love is... feat Eric Chen, 对不起,我爱你, December 2005
  5. Waiting For A Sunny Day, 等一个晴天, September 2006
  6. The Best of Joi, 淳佳精选17首(台湾), November 2006
  7. Blessed Joi, 慶幸擁有蔡淳佳, December 2007
  8. Back To Basics, 回到最初, September 2009
  9. Joi Best of Drama, 淳剧佳曲, January 2010,
  10. The Gift of Time, 時間的禮盒, June 2010,
  11. PERSPECTIVES, 视界观, July 2012
  12. (Single) GLASS, 玻璃, April 2014
  13. (Single) Be the One, 一传一 (English and Chinese versions), November 2014
  14. (Drama Theme for The Journey: Tumultuous Times) Promise, 信约, November 2014

Acting Debut[edit]

Joi's acting debut as leading lady for Singapore's famed director, Royston Tan new film "3688" (想入飞飞) will hit the cinemas in June 2015. The film revolves around a parking warden, Xia Feifei, who dreams of becoming a singer like her namesake, the late legendary Taiwan singer Fong Fei Fei. She is forced to give up her singer dreams as she has to make ends meet. One day, she decides to follow her heart and join a national talent contest. But her father, who is suffering from dementia mysteriously disappears when she finally makes it into the final stage of the competition.

Joi revealed in interviews that this is the best project she has undertaken in her entire career. The film is expected to screen on Fathers' Day in 2015 across Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and China. It is understood that the film has also been pre-booked by multiple international film festivals.

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