Join, or Die (album)

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For the political cartoon, see Join, or Die.
Join or Die
Compilation album by Amen
Released 2003
Recorded Various Studios
Genre Alternative metal
Hardcore punk
Length 47:16
Label Refuse Music Records
Producer Casey Chaos, Ross Robinson
Amen chronology
We Have Come For Your Parents
Join or Die
Death Before Musick

Join or Die is a 2003 album by Amen. It was the first album published by the Refuse Music label and was limited to 2000 copies with the first 1000 copies hand numbered by Casey Chaos in his blood. The album features rare songs and b-sides; it was sold during the band's 2003 tour of the United Kingdom.

All lyrics and instruments were by Casey Chaos.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Buy American"
  2. "Cracks of Tomorrow"
  3. "The Bastard Sons"
  4. "Nobody's Friend"
  5. "Christian Criminal"
  6. "Disorderly Conduct"
  7. "Gun of a Preacher Man"
  8. "No Morals"
  9. "Resurrection Fixed Nothing"
  10. "Freedom Now"
  11. "Die Diva Die"
  12. "Destroy Rock'n'Roll"
  13. "Die to Begin"
  14. "Long Live the Plague"
  15. "Nice to Be Here"
  16. "Coma America" (Ministry re-mix)
  17. "propAMENda"


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