Joint Special Operations University

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Joint Special Operations University
Joint Special Operations University
Active September 2000
Country United States
Type Special Operations education
Role Educating Special Operations Forces executive, senior, and intermediate leaders and selected other national and international security decision-makers, both military and civilian, through teaching, research, and outreach in the science and art of Joint Special Operations.
Part of United States Special Operations Command
Garrison/HQ MacDill AFB, Florida
Nickname JSOU

The Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) is the designated agency within USSOCOM to conduct joint Special Operations Force (SOF) education and thus is tasked with and directed to provide relevant, realistic, leading-edge education opportunities to military and civilian special operations forces personnel around the world, located at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, USA.[1]

Capable of full-spectrum joint SOF focused instruction, JSOU provides cohesive education support to SOF schools, and other non-SOF decision makers at intermediate and senior levels. The university conducts off-station tutorials and courses as well as video teleconferencing instruction to supported units worldwide.[2]

Notable courses[edit]

JSOU delivers unique SOF educational opportunities through in residence courses and integration of SOF curriculum with service Professional Military Education Schools. Some of the notable courses the University offers include:

  • 18 Delta Combat Medic training for those who will serve as combat medics and corpsmen in their units operations. The target audience are Army Special Forces Medical Sergeants, Navy SEAL Hospital Corpsman, and Air Force Pararescuemen.
  • Advanced training for newly assigned staff officers and senior enlisted personnel.
  • Combating terrorism courses to inform the US special operations community, key civilians, and international special operations partners in the War on Terrorism.
  • Orientation to foreign cultures[3]


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