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Joinville EC (2014) - SC.svg
Full name Joinville Esporte Clube
Nickname(s) JEC, Tricolor, Coelho (Rabbit)
Founded January 29, 1976 (38 years ago) (1976-01-29)
Stadium Arena Joinville, Joinville, Brazil
Ground Capacity 22,400
President Nereu Martinelli
Head coach Hemerson Maria
League Campeonato Brasileiro Série A
2014 Série B, 1st
Website Club home page

Joinville Esporte Clube, JEC or simply Joinville as they are usually called, is a Brazilian football team from Joinville in Santa Catarina. They have the largest number of supporters in the State. Founded on January 29, 1976. They won the Série C once and they have the largest sequence of consecutive state titles, eight (1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985).

Joinville is the third most successful club in Santa Catarina in terms of state championship titles (12), behind Avaí (15) and Figueirense (15).


Joinville was founded on January 29, 1976, after América Futebol Clube football department and Caxias Futebol Clube football department fused. Both clubs were based in Joinville city. The club's Golden Age was in the 1980s, when the club won eight state championships in a row.

Joinville's largest win was on October 31, 1976, when the club beat Ipiranga of Tangará 11-1 at Estádio Municipal de Tangará.

The club won the Copa Santa Catarina in 2009, and then the Recopa Sul-Brasileira in the same year, after beating Serrano Centro-Sul 3-2 in the final.[1] They won the Copa Santa Catarina again in 2011. Joinville also won the Série C in 2011, after beating CRB 3-1 and 4-0 in the final.[2] The club won the Copa Santa Catarina for the third time in 2012.


  • Campeonato Catarinense:
    • Winners (12): 1976, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1987, 2000, 2001
    • Runners-up (5): 1989, 1990, 1996, 2006, 2010


Main article: Arena Joinville

Joinville's stadium is Arena Joinville, inaugurated in 2004, with a maximum capacity of 22,400 people. The plan is to complete the stadium by the year 2012 with final capacity around 30,000 people.


Joinville's greatest rivals are Avaí, Figueirense and Criciúma.With this last one making the greatest classic of the state.

The matches between Criciúma and Joinville Esporte Clube are called Interior Classic, by the media and fans of these clubs and others [1]. This brings together the two most successful teams of the state.

Mascot and nickname[edit]

  • The club's mascot is a rabbit. Joinville is nicknamed JEC, which is an acronym of the club's full name.

Current squad[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Brazil GK Ivan
Brazil GK Oliveira
Brazil GK Vitor
Brazil DF Juliano
Brazil DF Bruno Aguiar
Brazil DF Guti
Brazil DF Wellington Saci
Brazil DF Bruno Collaço
Brazil DF Rogério
Brazil MF Anselmo
No. Position Player
Brazil MF Naldo
Brazil MF Marcelo Costa
Brazil MF Franco
Brazil MF Italo
Brazil FW Bruno Cairon
Brazil FW Fabinho
Brazil FW Jael
Brazil FW Rafael Furlan
Brazil FW Fernando Viana
Brazil FW Léo

National competitions record[edit]

First Division (Série A)[edit]

Year Position Year Position
1977 33rd 1983 37th
1978 41st 1984 25th
1979 29th 1985 8th
1980 21st 1986 14th
1981 38th 1987 14th
1982 38th 2015

Second Division (Série B)[edit]

Year Position Year Position Year Position
1988 5th 1998 7th 2012 6th
1989 10th 1999 15th 2013 6th
1990 18th 2000 20th 2014 1st
1991 23rd 2001 9th
1992 27th 2002 12th
1996 15th 2003 14th
1997 6th 2004 22nd

Third Division (Série C)[edit]

Year Position
2005 11th
2006 17th
2007 18th
2011 1st

Fourth Division (Série D)[edit]

Year Position
2010 4th

Brazilian Cup[edit]

Year Position
1990 26th
2001 52nd
2002 35th


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