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Joker's Daughter was originally a musical collaboration between Greek-English singer/songwriter Helena Costas and producer Danger Mouse who released their debut album The Last Laugh in 2009. Today Helena Costas is backed by a new band and has a new album scheduled for release on October 31, 2011.[dated info]


Born in London but Greek Cypriot by origin, Helena Costas studied violin from ages 7 to 13, then taught herself guitar and keyboards. As she became an adult, her mission came into focus. She wrote songs, and studied music production, and played gigs around London.[citation needed]

Costas first began working with Danger Mouse in 2003, after sending him some home demos.[1] Their debut album appeared on Team Love Records in 2009, and features Scott Spillane (of Neutral Milk Hotel) on brass instruments. Their debut, The Last Laugh, features Josh Klinghoffer.

The single "Mind of Gold" was released on October 3, 2011, and includes the b-side tracks, "Handful of Nothing" and Iron Maiden cover "Infinite Dreams".

The album May Cause Side Effects was released on November 7, 2011 [2]



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