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The Joker Venom is a fictional and signature toxin that is a weapon utilized almost exclusively by The Joker - one of DC comics' most popular and famous supervillains, and the archenemy of the equally popular superhero Batman.

Joker Gas has similar properties to laughing gas in that it makes its victims laugh uncontrollably but has a horrific side-effect known as a "Joker Grin" in which the victim's face is distorted into a grotesque death grin similar to the grin often portrayed on The Joker.

In the original Batman: The Animated Series, the Joker was prone to utilizing this gas as an alternative to killing (the creators stated that Joker couldn't kill in the series due to it being a children's show), however as they rightfully stated the Joker Gas scenario is almost as bad (if not worse).

Perhaps the most famous (and grand) use of the Joker Venom (under the name Smylex) was in the original Batman movie in which the Joker unleashed a tide of the toxic gas on Gotham with the use of modified parade balloons.

In Batman: Arkham Asylum the toxin is called "Happy Gas" by The Joker and "Joker Toxin" by others. The poisonous gas causes death.

They include[edit]

  • Smilex
  • Smylex
  • Laughing Gas
  • Joker Gas
  • Happy Gas
  • Giggle Gas
  • Joker Juice
  • Laughing Toxin
  • Laugh-A-loads
  • Perma-Smile
  • Smiley Gas
  • The Grinning Death