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Gender Male
Word/Name Latin
Meaning "Youthful", "Soft haired"
Region of origin Europe
Other names
Related names Julius, Julian

Jolyon \j(o)-lyon, jol-yon\ is a male given name, a Medieval spelling variant of Julian, originating in England.[1] Its meaning is often taken to be "youthful" or "soft haired".[2]


Notable people named Jolyon include:

  • Jolyon Brettingham Smith, (9 September 1949 - 17 May 2008), a British composer, conductor, performer, author, radio presenter, and university lecturer.
  • Jolyon Connell, a former Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Times journalist, founder of The Week.
  • Jolyon 'Jol' Danzig, one of the founders of Hamer Guitars.
  • Jolyon Dixon, (born 6 December 1973), an English guitarist.
  • Jolyon Howorth, (born 4 May 1945), a British scholar of European politics and military policy.
  • Jolyon Jackson, (3 September 1948 – 18 December 1985), an Irish musician and composer.
  • Jolyon James, an Australian-born actor.
  • Jolyon Palmer, (born 20 January 1991), a British professional racing driver.
  • Jolyon Rubinstein, a British actor, writer, producer and director.
  • Jolyon Stern, (born December 25, 1939), President of the DeWitt Stern Group.
  • Jolyon Temple, children's author.

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