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Not to be confused with John Glover (actor).

Jonathon "Jon" Glover is a British actor. He has appeared in various television programmes including Play School, Survivors, the Management consultant in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Casualty, Bodger and Badger and Peak Practice.

He provided the voices of several characters in the Animals of Farthing Wood animated series, and is also known for voice-acting for Noah's Island, Spitting Image and the character King Trode in the English language version of the PlayStation 2 game Dragon Quest VIII. He often appears in radio plays for Radio 4. He was a regular on the Radio 4 satirical programme Week Ending during the 1980s. He played the upper crust English character Mr Cholmondley-Warner in spoof 1940s government documentaries in Harry Enfield's Television Programme with excessive Received Pronunciation.

He also did voices on other animated programmes such as Little Ghosts, The Adventures of Paddington Bear, Mr. Bean (2002), Ludwig, Metalheads, The Baskervilles, Zombie Hotel and Dennis the Menace.

Voices for Spitting Image included the Duke of Edinburgh, weather forecaster Ian McCaskill, Melvyn Bragg, Oliver Reed, South African State President P. W. Botha and snooker player Steve Davis.

His theatre work includes playing Sapiens in a Discovering Lost Musicals concert staging of By Jupiter at Barbican Cinema 1 in 1992.

He was featured on the pilot episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

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