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Jon Knox is an African-American session drummer, producer, beatmaker and composer. He was the drummer of Christian rock band White Heart from 1991 to 1996. He reunited with the band in 2006 for the Soul2Soul Awards show and again in 2014 for the Easterfest concert in Australia. During his time in White Heart he was concurrently the drummer of the alternative funk rock band Adam Again which disbanded after lead singer Gene Eugene died in his sleep at his recording studio, the "fabulous" Green Room on March 20, 2000. To date, Jon is the drummer for the electronic progressive rock outfit Future User which is composed of Rage Against the Machine bassist, Tim Commerford along with Jordan Tarlow on keys and with super-producer Brendan O'Brien handling guitars on every song on their debut recordings.

Jon's drumming is compelling, creative and he has received distinction as being an inspiration to players of all musical styles. His musical talents have been nominated for Grammy and Dove Awards and he has toured and appeared on numerous television and radio broadcasts that have spanned the globe.

Jon Knox is an American session drummer, producer, beatmaker and composer.

His diverse playing experience has led him to work amongst widely acclaimed artists and members of such groups including: Adam Again, Rage Against the Machine, White Heart, Blind Melon, No Doubt, Audio Adrenaline, Wooten Brothers, John Elefante, Lock Up (American band) with Tom Morello, Crystal Lewis, Steve Cropper, Mandisa of American Idol, Great White, These Five Down, Carman (singer), DC Talk, The Bus Boys, Ray Parker Jr., Otis Day, Future User and many others.

Working alongside these multifarious artists allowed him to expand into a very versatile musician. He further pursued his love for music by teaching himself to play guitar, bass and to compose and produce music.

Currently, you can find him involved in recording, remixing, making beats, scoring and producing projects. Also, he continues to compose and produce music for artists and several music library companies. His compositions are in these genres of music: Rock, Alternative, Hip Hop, EDM, Dance, Pop, Indie and R&B.

Credits include: MTV, Sirius & XM Radio, Viacom, OWN, TLC, NBC Sports, Speed Channel, HBO, FOX Sports, CI Games, CBS Sports, Ayars Animation Inc., Shaw Communications, Deliverance Films, Play Ltd. and Discovery.

Jon endorses: Pearl Drums, SoulTone Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, CymPad, Protection Racket, Bumwrap Drum Company, Ableton Live and ToonTrack software.

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