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John Madin (born 1949) is a former music teacher. He has had experience in folk, orchestral, and multi-cultural bands.[1] He has released 6 books, with two detailing marimba usage and one book that explains how to make experimental instruments.

Books written[edit]

  • Make Your Own Wacky Instruments: Illustrated Instructions for Making Musical Instruments (1996)
  • Marimba Music 1 (2002)
  • Marimba Music 2 (1997)
  • Make Your Own Marimbas: Illustrated Instructions for Making Your Own Marimbas (2005)
  • Marimba Music for Little Kids: : Songs and Easy Pieces with Music for Kids (1998)
  • Marimba Songs: Songs for kids with easy marimba and xylophone arrangements (2006)[2]


External links[edit]

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