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John Madin (born 1949) is a former music teacher. He has had experience in folk, orchestral, and multi-cultural bands.[1] He has released 6 books, with two detailing marimba usage and one book that explains how to make experimental instruments. He currently resides in Geelong, Australia with his wife and daughter Lucy and Lily Sokolov.

Books written[edit]

  • Make Your Own Wacky Instruments: Illustrated Instructions for Making Musical Instruments (1996)
  • Marimba Music 1 (2002)
  • Marimba Music 2 (1997)
  • Make Your Own Marimbas: Illustrated Instructions for Making Your Own Marimbas (2005)
  • Marimba Music for Little Kids: : Songs and Easy Pieces with Music for Kids (1998)
  • Marimba Songs: Songs for kids with easy marimba and xylophone arrangements (2006)[2]


External links[edit]

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