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Jon Mikl Thor (born in Vancouver, Canada, 1955) is a bodybuilding champion, actor, songwriter, screenwriter, historian, vocalist and musician.

As a bodybuilder, he was the first Canadian to win both the Mr. Canada and Mr. USA titles. During his bodybuilding career, he has achieved over 40 titles around the world. As a musician, he is the front man for the successful heavy metal band Thor, billing himself as "The Legendary Rock Warrior". He has also has had career in acting appearing in such films as Recruits, Zombie Nightmare, and Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare. Zombie Nightmare was re-released on the Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD box set in 2009 through Shout Factory.

Jon Mikl Thor started touring as frontman for the band THOR in 1973. He combined strength feats, props, costumes and showmanship with music such as bending solid steel bars in his teeth and having solid concrete blocks smashed off his chest with a sledgehammer. Jon Mikl Thor created the "THOR T in Shield Logo" in 1973 which would become the copyright and trademark for the band. THOR toured Canada and the USA throughout the 1970s and 1980s. In 1976 THOR performed on national television with his appearance on the Merv Griffin show. Shortly after, Jon recorded the album "Keep The Dogs Away" in 1976-77 through his own company God Of Thunder Productions. The album was licensed to RCA. With RCA releasing the album in early 1978. Jon appeared on the cover of the album as THOR The Rock Warrior, holding back four dobermans. In February 1984 THOR performed at the Marquee in London, England. The crowd which included Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin were astounded. The review in Kerrang magazine was titled "He Came, He Thor, He Conquered". The reception of that show launched THOR's career to a new level. He then Licensed recordings to Albion Records. Albion released songs such as "Thunder On The Tundra" and Let The Blood Run Red" which went to #1 on the UK Rock Charts. THOR toured throughout the UK performing at such concerts as the Great Yarmouth Festival and released albums such as "Only The Strong" and "Recruits-Wild In The Streets".

In 1987 Jon Mikl Thor retired from live performances and started to write and produce films as well as forming his own record label. By 1997 he returned to the recording studio and started to make live appearances with the release of Ride Of The Chariots. More albums followed from 1998 to 2009. In 2004 Jon Mikl Thor was voted by an international panel of journalists as one of the top 100 greatest frontmen of all time. The list was announced in England by Classic Rock Magazine. In 2005 Thor signed with Smog Veil Records and released "Thor Against The World" followed by "Devastation Of Musculation" in 2006.

Jon Mikl Thor's music career coincided with his film career. In 2002, he wrote the title song for the movie "Fubar" titled "Fubar Is A Super Rocker". In 2005 he wrote "Glimmer" for the movie "Murder At The Presidio" as well as appearing in the movie. Jon Mikl Thor starred in the Lifetime network TV movie, "A Family Lost" 2007. In 2009 Jon Mikl Thor and his bandmates Steve Price, Mike Favata, Ben Perman played at the Sweden Rock Festival and Muskel Rock Festival in Sweden and the Sauna Open Air Festival in Finland. Jon Mikl Thor's latest album is called "Sign Of The V" and was released on his new label Vulcan Sky Records in 2009.

Jon Mikl Thor recently starred in the movie Thor-The Rock Opera which was produced by John Fasano and Jon Mikl Thor. It was written and directed by John Cody Fasano. The movie had its first screening May 30, 2011 at the Shock Stock Film Festival in London, Ontario, Canada.

Thor will take his movie and live rock opera to Helsinki, Finland, June 1, 2011 and then on to the Muskelrock Festival June 2–4th, 2011 in Alvesta, Sweden. Thor-The Rock Opera will be released on DVD through Vulcan Sky Releasing June 15, 2011

THOR- Jon Mikl Thor along with Frank Soda on guitar, Savage Watts on Drums and Killer Kilby on Bass return from a Triumphant tour of Scandinavia from May 31-June 7, 2011, THOR caused a sensation at the sold out concert at DOM in Helsinki, Finland. Also June 2–4 at Alvesta, Sweden THOR played at the Muskelrock Festival. After months in the studio recording the upcoming album "Thunderstryke" for Rock Saviour Records in Germany,THOR returned to live performing by headlining the Armstrong Metal Fest 2012 at Hassen Arena. "Thunderstryke"(2012) and "Thunderstryke II" (2013) were released to rave reviews and commercial success worldwide. In 2013 THOR signed with Cleopatra Records in Los Angeles, California and released a CD/DVD deluxe edition of "Only The Strong" May, 2014. This package includes additional unreleased bonus tracks and lost live footage.

A native of Vancouver, Jon Mikl Thor, an avid historian and sports enthusiast, brought back life into a forgotten brand and team called the Vancouver Millionaires, Vancouver's only Stanley Cup champions who won the cup in 1915. With the help of his wife Katherine Elo, he actively pursued a retail and internet merchandising program incorporating his trademarks of the Vancouver Millionaires name and "V" logo which he owned since 1977. He created a marketing concept using concerts, music and sporting events which made the Vancouver Millionaires synonymous with his Thor image. After years of historical study and promotion, Jon Mikl Thor turned the ownership of the Vancouver Millionaires, and the Victory "V" to the Vancouver Canucks and the NHL so that the full story of Vancouver hockey history could be told. He is also the founder of VM Sports, a line of authentic Vancouver Millionaires apparel.[1] Thor's Millionaires memorabilia commemorates the city's historic 1915 Stanley Cup winning team.


Thor And The Imps[edit]

  • Muscle Rock (1976)


  • Thor-Body Rock (1973)
  • Keep the Dogs Away (1977)
  • Gladiator (1979)
  • Striking Viking (1980)
  • Unchained (1983)
  • Only the Strong (1985)
  • Live in Detroit (1985)
  • Recruits - Wild in the Streets (1986)
  • Ride of the Chariots (1997)
  • Thunderstruck: Tales from the Equinox (1998)
  • Dogz II (2000)
  • Triumphant (2002)
  • Mutant (2003)
  • Beastwomen From the Center of the Earth (2004)
  • Thor Against the World (2005)
  • Devastation of Musculation (2006)
  • Into the Noise (2008)
  • Steam Clock (2009)
  • Keep The Dogs Away-30th anniversary (2009)
  • Live In Detroit-re-release (2009)
  • Unchained (2009)
  • Sign Of The V (2009)
  • The Guardian (2010)
  • Thor-The Rock Opera Soundtrack (2011)
  • Thor-Thunderstryke (2012)
  • Thor-Thunderstryke II (2013)
  • Thor-Only The Strong Deluxe cd/DVD Edition" (2014)


Thor & The Ass Boys[edit]

  • Odin Speaks (2001)


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