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Jonah Falcon

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Jonah Falcon
Jonah Falcon - June13 2010.jpg
Falcon in 2010
Born Jonah Cardeli Falcon
1970 (age 44–45)
Nationality American
Education Bronx High School of Science
Occupation Talk show host, actor, writer

Jonah Cardeli Falcon (born 1970) is an American actor and writer. He came to national attention in the early 2000s for his large penis, reported in many publications as being the largest in the world at 13.5 inches (34 cm).

Early life[edit]

Jonah Cardeli Falcon was born in 1970 to Cecilia Cardeli, an accountant's clerk, and a man who died shortly after Falcon's birth. Falcon has at times said that his biological father was John Holmes, who was known for the length of his penis. He states that he has documentation proving this lineage, but family members have dismissed this claim. As an only child, Falcon shared a four-story house in Brooklyn with relatives. When Falcon was six, his mother decided to find work and sent her son to live with his grandmother in Puerto Rico, where he stayed for three years. When he returned to New York, Falcon's mother sent him to live at the Infants Home of Brooklyn, a residence that provided foster care for children, where he lived for three years. Falcon relates, "I don't think my mom could afford me. But it's no big deal. My past has so unaffected me." When Falcon was in fifth grade, his schoolmates saw his penis, which was eight inches long at that point, while he changed in a locker room stall. After this, his schoolmates treated Falcon with deference. When he was ten, an older neighbor told an eighteen-year-old woman about Falcon, and arranged for the two to have sex, which was Falcon's first sexual experience.[1]

At age twelve, Jonah enrolled at an East Harlem school. By the seventh grade, Falcon's penis had grown to 9.5 inches erect. By 15, it was 10.5 inches long. He later enrolled at the Bronx High School of Science. Falcon graduated in 1988. He has identified himself as bisexual.[1][2]


After graduating high school, Falcon decided he wanted to become an actor and writer and enrolled in a state college to study theater. Despite his aspirations, Falcon did little more over the course of the next seven years than socialize at nightclubs, where he would find sex partners, up to 1,500 by the time he was 25, most of whom were women. He often travels to Los Angeles and Europe, where he stays with friends and "admirers", and has accepted money for sex, saying, "I took $500 from a lady on the Upper East Side to pose in my underwear for Polaroids. I've been offered $1,000 just to let someone suck it, and I'll say, 'Why not?' It's really about my ego. My ego is bigger than my sexuality." Just before turning twenty-seven, Falcon resolved to renew his pursuit of his acting aspirations, attending acting workshops and standing in line at auditions, to obtain roles.[1]

Falcon is the senior editor for the gaming blog Game Stooge[citation needed] and Men's Entertainment blog[3] He appeared as a background extra in three episodes of FOX's Melrose Place, in three episodes of the NBC sitcom Ed, and in three episodes of Law & Order (as Juror #2) and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He has also appeared in single episodes of The Sopranos, Sex and the City, and the short-lived James Burrows sitcom Madigan Men.[citation needed] Falcon has also appeared in a segment of the British television show Yanky Panky, and performed in one musical showcase.[citation needed]

Falcon appeared in Just My Luck as Dean Cochran's best man during the wedding scene, and also worked on the films Eddie, A Beautiful Mind, Death to Smoochy and The Good Shepherd.[citation needed] Falcon hosts an hour-long cable television call-in show devoted to the baseball team called Talkin' Yankees Hosted by Jonah Falcon, on MNN, a Public-access television cable TV channel on Manhattan's Time Warner Cable.[4] His show is relentlessly prank-called by Sal Governale and Richard Christy of the Howard Stern show.[4] Falcon released a single with Adam Barta called "It's Too Big", performing it with Barta on Stern's show on June 19, 2013. The YouTube video has passed 1.5 million hits as of December 23, 2013.[5]

Falcon appeared in the 2013 documentary UnHung Hero.[6]

Falcon has appeared as an extra on TV shows such as Melrose Place, The Sopranos and Law & Order. He appeared in an uncredited role as a mental patient in the 2001 feature film A Beautiful Mind. He is a frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show.[7]


Falcon gained media attention after appearing in the 1999 HBO documentary Private Dicks: Men Exposed, in which men were interviewed in the nude about their penises. He also gained additional coverage after Rolling Stone did a feature story on him in June 2003. The article reports Falcon's penis as 9.5 inches (24 cm) in length when flaccid and 13.5 inches (34 cm) in length when erect.[1]

In January 2006, Falcon appeared in a documentary by UK Channel 4 called The World's Biggest Penis. His large penis size also led to several appearances on the Howard Stern radio program.[2] Falcon appeared on The Daily Show on March 2, 2010, and stated that he can completely envelop a doorknob with his foreskin. In the segment, Samantha Bee attempted to convince Falcon to enter the pornography industry. He refused, saying it would be "just the easy way out... it's not going to help my legit acting career."[8] In April 2011, he appeared on the TLC documentary series {strange}SEX, in the episode "Size Matters & Gender Bender".[9]

On July 9, 2012, Falcon says he was stopped by Transportation Security Administration officers in the San Francisco International Airport, due to the large bulge in his pants. According to Falcon, after passing through a metal detector and a body scanner, he was selected for additional screening, after which he was released and allowed to catch his flight.[10][11][12]

In 2014, Falcon agreed to donate his penis to the Icelandic Phallological Museum (The Penis Museum) after his death.[7]

Personal life[edit]

As of 2003, Falcon lives with his mother and grandmother in the same Chelsea, Manhattan home that he has lived in since childhood.[1]

In a 2003 interview, Falcon stated that his longest romantic relationship, with a woman, lasted a year.[1]

Because of the size of his penis, Falcon can receive oral sex while lying on his stomach, penetrate his own anus, and perform autofellatio (though he says he has not done this since he was 18). His penis size also presents certain problems and limitations on the sex acts in which he can participate. Fellatio performed on him, for example, is painful for him, because the width of his penis makes it impossible for sex partners to fellate him without their teeth coming into contact with his penis. He is unable to insert more than nine inches of his penis inside a woman's vagina. It takes between fifteen and thirty minutes for Falcon to obtain a full erection, though he is capable of performing with a less than fully erect penis without a woman realizing much of a difference. Because he learned in his youth that sex was painful for his female partners, he came to rely less on his penis when making love, and learned to kiss, lick, rub and masturbate his partner, sometimes for hours, before penetrating his partners, and then massaging the interior of the vagina and using angles during penetration.[1]


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