Jonathan Duncan (Governor of Bombay)

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For other people of the same name, see Jonathan Duncan.

Jonathan Duncan (15 May 1756 – 11 August 1811) was Governor of Bombay from 27 December 1795 until his death in 1811.

He began his career in India in 1772, and in 1788 was appointed superintendent and resident at Benares by Lord Cornwallis, where he helped stamp out the practice of infanticide. In 1795, he became governor of Bombay, and held that post for the rest of his life (nearly sixteen years).In 1791 he started the Sanskrit College at Benares for the study of Hindu law and Philosophy

His son, also named Jonathan Duncan, was an advocate of reforming the monetary system. He has also established a college at Benaras called the Benaras Sanskrit college in 1791.Which is one the best aspiring colleges in India.

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