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Jonathan Gili (19 April 1943 – 1 October 2004) was an award-winning film-maker, editor and director, who produced numerous and wide-ranging television documentary and features programmes, mostly for the BBC.


The son of Catalan publisher and translator Joan Gili, Jonathan Gili was educated at The Dragon School in Oxford, and Bryanston School in the village of Bryanston in north Dorset.


Most of Gili's work was made at the BBC in the 1980s and 1990s. Among his most prominent works were the two BBC Television series entitled Public School, the first of which featured Westminster School in London, broadcast in late 1979, and the second, Radley College in Radley in Oxfordshire, in 1980,[1] which both received BAFTA awards. One of his last works was a programme in the BBC's Timewatch series, entitled The Legend of Bigfoot, first broadcast in 2002, and for which he received a Best Director Award at BAFTA. Gili died from leukemia in 2004, at the age of 61.


Further reading[edit]

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