Jonathan Ingersoll

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This article is about the politician from Connecticut. For the economist, see Jonathan E. Ingersoll.

Jonathan Ingersoll (April 16, 1747 – January 12, 1823) was a Connecticut politician of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

He was graduated from Yale College in 1766. He was elected as a member representing his state at-large in the United States House of Representatives, by a special election on September 16, 1793 (to replace Congressman-elect Benjamin Huntington who had become a Judge). However he declined this office before the 3rd Congress convened, so he was never sworn in. A replacement was elected at a special election on November 11, 1793. He served as Superior court judge in Connecticut, 1798–1801 and 1811–1816.

Ingersoll was the ninth Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut from 1816 to 1823. He died while in office in 1823.


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