Jones Paideia Magnet School

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Jones Paideia Magnet School
1800 9th Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Type Paidiea Magnet Elementary School
Established 1995
Principal Debra Smith
Grades K - 4

Jones Paideia Magnet School is a thematic magnet elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee, operated by the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. It enrolls students from all over Davidson County. The school's focus is the Paideia philosophy of education. The school was named in honor of Richard W. Jones, a former principal with 60 years of service to the Metropolitan Nashville school district.


The school was constructed in 1936. It is on the corner of Garfield and Ninth Avenue, North, in a primarily inter-city, residential neighborhood.

Jones has operated as a Paideia school for the last thirteen years,[when?] initially as a K-8 school known as Buena Vista-Jones Paideia. When the school district opened a Paideia middle school at Buena Vista, Jones was restructured to a K-4 program called Jones Paideia. Buena Vista later moved to a new facility at John Early Middle School, and the middle school Paideia program was discontinued. Due to the many changes of faculty and staff throughout the years, the school district contracted with the National Paideia Center for faculty training. They began training during the 2002-2003 school year and trained on one Paideia Component each year, beginning with Seminar. All formal training was completed during the 2004-2005 school year. This year[when?] the school has focused on the implementation of all Paideia components with continued monitoring and training through technical site visits from the National Paideia faculty.

In 1996, students of Jones Paideia successfully petitioned the Tennessee General Assembly to designate "My Home Will Always Be in Tennessee" as the state's official bicentennial school song.[1]

Currently,[when?] Jones Paideia serves approximately 360 students in kindergarten through fourth grade.

Paideia philosophy[edit]

The term "Paideia" is probably best known to modern English-speakers through its use in the word Encyclopedia, which is a combination of the Greek terms enkyklios, or complete system/circle, and paideia, or education/learning.[2]

Students in kindergarten through fourth grades are engaged daily in the school board adopted curriculum based on newly written standards in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and visual and performing arts. At Jones, Spanish is taught to all students grades K – 4. In addition, students attend related arts classes in art, music and physical education. Teachers utilize the state framework of objectives, as well as the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools Graduate and 12-Pre K Academic Standards when planning instruction for all subject areas. In addition to the curriculum, teachers incorporate hands-on-science, science and technology kits, math manipulatives, character education and balanced literacy. The curriculum is delivered through the Paideia philosophy of instruction. One remedial class for fourth grade students performing below the 430th scaled score in reading, called Language Exclamation, is implemented at that level. The hope is to have students reading at or above grade level after two-years in the program. Currently, the school has 18 students who qualify for this program. In order to serve the special education needs of students who receive services, the school uses an inclusion program. Currently, six percent of the total student population is eligible for special education services.


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