Jorabagan (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

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Jorabagan (Vidhan Sabha constituency) (Bengali: জোড়াবাগান বিধানসভা কেন্দ্র) was an assembly constituency in Kolkata in the Indian state of West Bengal.

As a consequence of the orders of the Delimitation Commission, Jorabagan (Vidhan Sabha constituency) ceases to exist from 2011.[1]

It was part of Calcutta North West (Lok Sabha constituency).[2]



In the 2006 state assembly elections, the 142 Jorabagan seat was won by Parimal Biswas of CPI(M) defeating his nearest rival Sanjoy Bakshi of Trinamool Congress. In the 2004 by-elections, Parimal Biswas of CPI(M) defeated Rajesh Kumar Sinha of Congress. The by-election was necessitated by the election of sitting MLA, Sudhansu Seal to parliament from Calcutta North West (Lok Sabha constituency). Sudhansu Seal of CPI(M) defeated Sanjoy Bakshi of Trinamool Congress in 2001. Sanjoy Bakshi representing Congress defeated Sarala Maheswari of CPI(M) in 1996. Subrata Mukherjee of Congress defeated Shantilal Jain of BJP in 1991, and Sarla Maheswari of CPI(M) in 1987 and 1982. Haripada Bharati of Janata Party defeated Hara Prasad Chatterjee of CPI(M) in 1977.[3]


Ila Roy of Congress won in 1972. Nepal Chandra Roy of Congress won in 1971 and 1969. R.K.Poddar of Congress won in 1967. Nepal Chandra Roy won in 1962 and 1957. Ram Lagan Singh of Congress won in independent India’s first election in 1951.[4]


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Coordinates: 22°35′17″N 88°21′18″E / 22.588°N 88.355°E / 22.588; 88.355