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Jordal Idrettspark, a soccer and football field.
Interior of Jordal Amfi.
Jordal School, really located at Vålerenga.

Jordal is a neighborhood in the borough of Gamle Oslo in Oslo, Norway.

It is a small valley between Kampen and Vålerenga, and the farm Jordal was originally under Nedre Valle. The area was located in Aker until 1878, when it was incorporated into Kristiania (Oslo). It was known for the brickworks Jordal Teglverk, on the site now occupied by the Olympic ice hockey arena Jordal Amfi.[1] The area is served by Ensjø station on the Oslo Metro.


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Coordinates: 59°54′37″N 10°47′02″E / 59.9103°N 10.7838°E / 59.9103; 10.7838