Lightspeed Media Corporation

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Lightspeed Media Corporation
Industry Pornography
Founded 1999
Headquarters Glendale, Arizona USA
Key people
Steve Jones
Products Internet pornography, DVDs

The Lightspeed Media Corporation is a company from Glendale, Arizona, founded in 1999 by Steve Lightspeed, alias of Steve Jones,[1] that operates many Internet pornography Web sites and contracts various models. (There was also a Lightspeed Media, which is a distinct corporation that was acquired by America Online on March 10, 1997.)[2]

Lightspeed Media markets its website of "Lightspeed Girls" models as well as individual websites for each model. Models marketed by include (by professional name):[3]

  • Taylor Little
  • XXX Raimi
  • Dirty Aly
  • Jordan Capri
  • Little Trouble Maker
  • Sweet Devon
  • Tawnee Stone
  • Brandy Didder
  • Evitas Playhouse
  • Tori Stone
  • Lacy White
  • Rachel 18
  • Courtney Lightspeed
  • Gigi Lightspeed
  • Britney Lightspeed
  • Erica Lightspeed
  • Faith Lightspeed
  • Terry Lightspeed
  • Mandy Lightspeed
  • Dana Lightspeed
  • Heather Lightspeed
  • Ashley Lightspeed
  • Angel Woods


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