Jordan Maron

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Jordan Maron
Born Jordan Maron
(1992-02-10) February 10, 1992 (age 22)
Los Angeles, California[1]
Nationality American
Other names CaptainSparklez
Occupation YouTuber, Gaming Commentator, Vlogger
Known for YouTube, Minecraft videos, Gaming

CaptainSparklez's YouTube

CaptainSparklez's Facebook

Jordan Maron is an American YouTube personality, also known by his YouTube channel username of CaptainSparklez. The channel was the fifth solo-gaming channel to reach 1 billion views. Maron is signed under Maker Studios' sub-network, Polaris.[2]

Maron created a parody video called "Minecraft Style", based on "Gangnam Style" by South Korean entertainer PSY that used animated Minecraft models.[3] He published it on YouTube under the Internet nickname of CaptainSparklez. According to MSN, within a few days, it had been viewed more than a million times.[4] The video was referenced in technology and gaming articles published by NBC,[5] The Daily Telegraph,[6] Mashable[7] and the Huffington Post.[3] By December 2012, his video, Minecraft Style, had amassed more than 37 million views.[8] In December 2012, Maron appeared with other YouTube personalities in a video on the Tubefilter web site.[9] Maron's YouTube videos include: "Ghosts n' Stuff (Noteblock Remix)", "TNT", "Revenge", "Fallen Kingdom", "Minecraft Style", "Minecraft Style" (Revised) and "Take Back the Night."[10][11]


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