Jordon Zadorozny

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Jordon Zadorozny
Born 1974
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
Years active 1994–present
Associated acts Blinker the Star

Jordon Zadorozny (born c.1974 Pembroke, Ontario)[1][2] is a Canadian rock musician.[3] He is the singer and songwriter for indie rock band Blinker the Star.[4][5] He is best known for cowriting songs with Courtney Love in the late 1990s. Zadorozny has also appeared on recordings by Melissa Auf der Maur,[6] Sam Roberts,[7] Tara Slone[8] and Mandy Moore.[9]

As of 2007, Jordon is a member of Canadian indie band "Abbey" with Sofia Silva[10] and SheLoom with Filippo Gaetani.[11]

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