Jorge Cervera Hauser

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Jorge Cervera Hauser
Born (1984-06-22) June 22, 1984 (age 30)
Mexico City
Occupation director, filmmaker, producer, photographer

Jorge Cervera Hauser, (b.Mexico City June 22, 1984), was the winner of Animal Planet's reality television show Unearthed on its second season, getting his documentary Pride Lost broadcast all over the world through Discovery Networks.


Jorge is a photographer with a B.A. in communications. While he was in college he worked in advertising agency DDB as creative copywriter with accounts such as McDonalds, and then as field producer for Mexico's cable entertainment channel ExaTv.

His thesis "Wolfie", an old-fashioned animated short about a baby Mozart orchestrating the magical world around him, was screened in several international film festivals, and was animated by plastic artist and close friend Mike Uriegas. He then made a stop-motion short for a contest alongside Pablo Ortiz, which earned the couple a private screening of the short with filmmaker Michel Gondry, and the inclusion of it in the Latin American version of Gondry's Science of Sleep DVD. He was later invited by art director Rubén Bross and Emilio Azcárraga Jean's wife, Sharon Fastlicht, to participate in photographic exhibit and art-book "El ABC de la Discapacidad" (ABC of the Disabled), for NGO Hazlo Ahora and Teletón-Mexico Foundation. The photo exhibit took place in "Las Rejas de Chapultepec", an outdoor gallery alongside Paseo de la Reforma, one of the main avenues in Mexico City with the most cultural significance. Also one of the toughest spots in the country to hold an exhibit, with a 3-year waiting list and the highest art and quality standards.

His most recent work consists of a documentary short about the pandas in Mexico City Zoo; it was requested by the Chinese government to be shown in a festival within the frame of the 2008 Olympics, and the photography for a national campaign of woman with breast cancer, alongside Fundación RETO, Hoffmann-La Roche and McCann Erickson.

Before going to Africa, Jorge had a dirt-bike accident where he lost the big toe on his right foot and after two major surgeries he wasn't able to walk during the next four months, just in time to participate in the television series. He is an enthusiastic scuba diver and currently lives in Mexico City.

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