Jorge Horacio Brito

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Jorge Horacio Brito
Born (1952-07-23) July 23, 1952 (age 62)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nationality Argentina
Occupation Banker and Businessman
Known for founder and CEO of Banco Macro, President and Chairman of ADEBA
Spouse(s) Marcela Carballo

Jorge Horacio Brito (born July 23, 1952) is an Argentine businessman and banker. He is the chief shareholder of Banco Macro and has investments in real estate, energy and agriculture and livestock industry. He is also the chairman of ADEBA, Argentina’s banking association.

Life and career[edit]

Jorge Horacio Brito was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1952. He married Marcela Carballo, and they had six children: Milagros, Marcos, Constanza, Santiago, Mateo, and Jorge Pablo Brito.[1]

Banking and finance[edit]

He founded Anglia, a brokerage firm, in 1976 and, in 1985, purchased a competing brokerage, Financiera Macro, forming Macro Bank (Banco Macro). Macro Bank grew to become one of the major private banks of Argentina, with several branches around country. Brito is the chairman of Macro Bank's board of directors, its Chief Executive Officer, and a member of its executive committee and senior credit committee. The Macro Group in its entirety employs 8,714 employees throughout 496 customer service desks that have 1173 ATMs and 888 auto service terminals.[2]

Brito became chairman of the Argentine Banking Association (ADEBA) on April 8, 2003.[3] ADEBA was founded in 1972 and is part of the G-6 Group, which unites the main Argentine business entities such as the Argentine Industrial Union, the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, the Argentine Construction Chamber, the Argentine Chamber of Commerce, and the Argentine Rural Society.[4] The Group organizes debates related with domestic economy and development.

Brito serves as chairman of the boards of directors of Banco del Tucuman S.A., Inversora Juramento S.A., and Banco Privado de Inversiones S.A. He is the founder and CEO of Banco Macro, and oversees investments in diverse activities such as real estate (through Vizora), and in farming and cattle raising through Inversora Juramento Inc., Frigoríficos Bermejo Inc. cold storages and Cabañas Juramento Inc. butcher shops. Moreover, he owns a share of Genneia Inc., an energy sector company.[5]

Between 2012 and 2014, Jorge Brito was the president of the Latin America Banking Federation (FELABAN), a non-profit organization whose aim is to ease and promote relationships between all Latin American financing entities.[6] It was founded in 1965 at Mar del Plata, Argentina, and among its members there are more than 500 banks and financial entities from 19 Latin American countries gathered in their own local associations.[7]

Real estate[edit]

Brito invested in real estate through Vizora, an Argentine firm involved in real estate activities in Argentina and in the region. Its core business is real estate development and marketing. Another of Brito's significant business interests is in real estate. His Vizora Developers purchased a prime, 2.5-hectare (6 acre) property in San Isidro (a northern suburb of Buenos Aires) for the construction of a condominium complex and an 11-hectare (28 acre) lot in Buenos Aires' burgeoning Puerto Madero area, where the group was involved in a US$160 million project. It has been actively engaged in the real estate development of the district of Puerto Madero, in Buenos Aires,[8] where it had built Remeros Beach, Link Towers, Madero Walk, Madero Walk Eventos and Zen City. Another important buildings erected by Vizora are Central Tucumano (at San Miguel de Tucumán), Arboris (Las Lomas and La Horqueta, at San Isidro, Buenos Aires province) and the new and sustainable building of the Macro Bank at Catalinas Norte, Buenos Aires City.[9]

Agriculture and livestock[edit]

Brito’s companies of farming and cattle raising activities involve cow breeding and meat industrialization and commercialization, and to a lesser extent, agricultural sowing activities, mainly in soy. Inversora Juramento Inc. is in charge of cattle breeding. Frigoríficos Bermejo cold storage is engaged in industrial slaughtering and meat industrialization that reaches the consumer through Cabañas Juramento Inc. butcher shops.

Inversora Juramento Inc., founded in 1990, is one of the leading farming-cattle companies in the Argentine Northern Region.[10] Because of its high quality standards, it is considered a model company.[11] It is located in the town of Joaquín V. González, Salta, where it owns 67,000 hectares of field and 54,000 heads of cattle. Its core activity is the manufacture and trading of beef. Moreover, the company sows around 12,600 hectares per year. 8,000 hectares are soya fields.[12] It also sows sorghum, alfalfa and corn, which are used to feed the cattle.

Frigoríficos Bermejo Inc. is a cold storage located in Pichanal, Salta. It owns a model industrial slaughtering and meat industrialization beef plant.[13] The factory can monthly slaughter 10,000 heads of cattle. Wholesale and retail sales of Frigoríficos Bermejo Inc. are carried out in Salta and Jujuy by their own butcher shops and sales team. The company also exports to Chile and the European Union, which are markets that had approved their industrial processes.

Cabaña Juramento Inc. is a chain of boutique butcher shops that operate stores and online delivery services.[14]

Energy enterprises[edit]

Brito ventured into the energy industry through the Genneia Inc., which is the main investor in renewable energies of Argentina. Genneia Inc. has many power plants and subsidiaries [15] such as the wind farms Rawson I, Rawson II, Madryn Norte, Madryn Sur and Madryn Oeste (all located in Chubut Province); Paraná Power Station (in Entre Ríos); the San Lorenzo Power Station;; and the Bragado Power Station.[16] In order to increase power production, the company carries out the ‘Distributed Energy Program I” at Pinamar (Buenos Aires province), the ‘Distributed Energy Program II’ at Matheu, Olavarría, Las Armas (Buenos Aires), Paraná and Concepción del Uruguay as well as the ‘Isolated Energy Generation Program’ at Río Mayo and Gobernador Costa (Chubut).[16] Genneia Inc. also commercializes and transports natural gas through its subsidiary Enersud Energy Inc.

Sustainable management[edit]

Brito, through Banco Macro Foundation, is one of the major players in the promotion of financial inclusion in Argentina.[17] The foundation is involved in the development of opportunities for the growth of companies, entrepreneurs and communities by fostering the incorporation of individuals into the banking system. In order to achieve the goal of attaining actual economic and social inclusion, the foundation has formed alliances and has entered into agreements with domestic and foreign organizations.

  • United Nations Global Compact: Macro Bank and Bank of Tucumán had bind the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact in 2007.[18] They issue the annual Communication on Progress (COP) [19] and support the actions that are carried out by Global Compact Argentine Network.[20]
  • Grupo de Fundaciones y Empresas (GDFE): since 2008 Banco Macro Foundation is a member of Grupo de Fundaciones y Empresas (GDFE) -Foundations and Companies Group-, a civil association made up of grant making foundations, whose objective is to mobilize funds strategically and effectively for public welfare purposes in Argentina.[21]
  • IARSE: Macro Bank is Gold member of Argentina’s Corporate Social Responsibility Institute (IARSE) since 2011.[22]
  • Foro Ecuménico Social: since 2012 Brito supports the Foro Ecuménico Social (Ecumenical Social Forum), a non-profit civil association whose aim is to foster and spread concepts and actions of Corporate Social Responsibility.[23]
  • Norte Sustentable (Sustainable North): Macro Bank is one of the founder members of this project originated in Salta which seeks to foster the sustainable development in the North West region of Argentina.[24]
  • Comisión Nacional para la Erradicación del Trabajo Infantil (CONAETI): Macro Bank is member of the National Commission of Child Labor Eradication, a network of corporations that fights against the child labor. The network is organized by the Argentine Labor Ministry.[25]
  • Advertising support of social causes: Macro Bank supported the TV show Extreme Makeover Home Edition aired by Telefe and Infinito channels.[26] It also funded, with Aerolíneas Argentinas, Las 1000 Millas de Luca, a short film dealing with a father whose child is afflicted with Down Syndrome.[27]
  • Sponsor of the event ‘Women leadership un sustainable development, a dialog between Argentina and Brazil’[28]
  • AUDELA Foundation’s ‘Gallito Ciego’ project: this is a project whose objective is to make people aware of blindness.[29]
  • 1º International Congress of Social Responsibility: Macro Bank took part in this congress organized by the Observatory of Social Responsibility Foundation (F.O.R.S.) as well as the Ethical and Inclusive Banking Forum[30]
  • Promoter of the ‘LIDERATE’ Development Program: the program is based on the Harvard Business School Model and proposes the development of individual leadership regarding business.[31]
  • Founder of “Alumbra Microcréditos” Project: This project had begun in 2014 and offers accessible loans to entrepreneurs that do not have means to set up its own company.[32]

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