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Jorge Rial
Born (1961-10-16)October 16, 1961
Munro, Gran Buenos Aires Argentina
Spouse(s) Silvia D'Auro (1990-2012)
Mariana Antoniale (2012-present)
Children Morena (b. 1999)
Rocío (b. 2000)

Jorge Ricardo Rial (born on October 16, 1961 in Munro, Gran Buenos Aires) is an Argentine TV host, broadcaster and businessman.

Rial started working in newspaper media in the early 1980s and he eventually starred in the comic domestic movie Los Extermineitors. He then got involved in TV media as a reporter of TV programme Indiscreciones hosted by Lucho Avilés in 1990s, but a later acrimony between the latter and Rial made him to abandon the staff.

Jorge Rial hosted gossip-related TV programmes El Periscopio (with Graciela Alfano, and then Andrea Frigerio), Paparazzi, Paf!. His programme Intrusos en el espectáculo is now broadcast on Argentina's América 2. He was the director of contents of América 2 during 2002, but later replaced, and he seems to be focused on TV media and his gossip-related "Paparazzi" magazine. Since January 2007 he is also the host of the Local version of Big Brother "Gran Hermano" On Argentina's largest Broadcaster Telefe.

He wrote the book Polvo de estrellas featuring the lives of celebrities and politicians involved in farándula, and another book called "El intruso" regarding the same subject.

During the late 2009 early 2010 season he was also the main character of Angel y Demonio a theatre play, awarded with the Estrellas de Mar award in its category. It became a national theatrical success after a nationwide tour.

Currently he is the host of Intrusos en el espectáculo, a weekday entertainment show; the most successful program of Argentina in the afternoon time (15:00-17:00) as well as the most successful program of América 2. The program is co-hosted by journalist Luis Ventura, Marcela Tauro, Daniel Gómez Rinaldi, Luis Piñeyro and Lola Cordero. Since March 1, 2010, he is the host of a 9 to 12 daily radio program, Ciudad Gótika, in Radio La Red (AM 910). The program includes interviews to politicians, celebrities as well as a radio theater. It is co-hosted by journalist Luis Ventura, Marcelo Palacios, Claudio Rico and Connie Ansaldi.

Jorge Rial has two adopted daughters: Morena and Rocío with her ex wife Silvia D'Auro. At present your partner is the model Mariana Antoniale.


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