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José Miguel Alemán Healy (born 8 May 1956, in Panama City) is a Panamanian politician.

He spent a significant part of his childhood living in Washington, DC while his father, Roberto Alemán Zubieta, was serving as one of the leading negotiators for the Robles-Johnson Treaties and later on as Ambassador of Panama to the United States (1968–69).

José Miguel first entered the Panamanian political scene in the 1994 elections, when he ran for a position in the National Assembly representing the Arnulfista Party, of which he was a founding member. Even though he was not successful, he remained active in his party and served as foreign minister from September 1999 to January 2003, during the presidency of Mireya Moscoso (1999–2004).

In the 2004 Panamanian presidential election, he was the candidate for the Arnulfista Party. He received 16% of the vote.

José Miguel Alemán is married to Victoria Dutary de Alemán; the couple have two sons.

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