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Lucien Alphonse Joseph Streel (commonly known as José Streel) (1911 in Seraing - 1946 in Sint-Gillis) was a Belgian journalist and supporter of Rexism.

Background and political activities[edit]

From a Catholic background, Streel became an associate of Léon Degrelle after meeting him in 1930. His 1932 work, Les Jeunes Gens et la Politique, underlined his distaste for the modern world and soon Streel had been appointed editor-in-chief of all the Rexist publications.

He had reservations about Nazism due to his strong Catholic faith, although he was ultimately reconciled to collaboration.

Differences with Degrelle[edit]

A strong advocate of Belgian independence, he called for joint action between the Rexists and the Flemish National Union but when Degrelle rejected this policy he resigned from Rex in 1943.

Exile and death[edit]

He eventually fled to Germany in 1944, although he took no political role here and instead worked in a factory. He returned to Belgium after the war and surrendered to the authorities. Having already been sentenced to death in absentia he was executed by a firing squad on 21 February 1946.


Books of José Streel[edit]

  • Streel José, La révolution du XXème siècle (new edition of the book which was published in 1942 by the la NSE in Bruxelles), preface of Lionel Baland, Déterna, Paris, 2010.