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José Ignacio Barraquer Moner (January 24, 1916; Barcelona, Spain – February 13, 1998; Bogotá, Colombia) was an ophthalmologist known to many as "the father of modern refractive surgery". Barraquer invented the cryolathe and microkeratome and developed the surgical procedures of keratomileusis and keratophakia.[1][2]

Barraquer was the son of Ignacio Barraquer, an ophthalmologist known for his contributions to the advancement of cataract surgery.[3] In 1953, Dr. Barraquer emigrated from the family home in Barcelona to Colombia where, in 1965, he founded the Barraquer Institute of America.[4]

In 2013, a profile of Dr. Barraquer was included in a bestselling book called Saving Sight: An eye surgeon's look at life behind the mask and the heroes who changed the way we see, by Andrew Lam, M.D.[5]


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