José María Moncada Tapia

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Jose Maria Moncada Tapia
President José María Moncada
Nicaraguan Postage, 1953
President of Nicaragua
In office
1 January 1929 – 1 January 1933
Preceded by Adolfo Díaz
Succeeded by Juan Bautista Sacasa
Personal details
Born (1870-12-08)December 8, 1870
Masatepe, Nicaragua
Died February 23, 1945(1945-02-23) (aged 74)
Managua, Nicaragua
U.S. Marine review by President José María Moncada Tapia and Gen. Anastasio Somoza Garcia, Managua, 1930.

José María Moncada Tapia (8 December 1870 – 23 February 1945) was the President of Nicaragua from 1 January 1929 to 1 January 1933.

Political career[edit]

Moncada was a member of the Liberal Party. In 1910 José Santos Zelaya from the Liberal Party stepped down from government. In 1925 his continuing opposition to Conservative control of the Nicaraguan government forced him to flee to Costa Rica, where he continued to build support for a return of the Liberals to power.

After President Adolfo Díaz was re-elected in 1926, Liberal forces rebelled in an attempt to overthrow his government. Moncada was one of the leaders, together with Juan Bautista Sacasa and Augusto César Sandino. The United States provided military support for the Díaz government and, after six months, Moncada and Sacasa made peace, but Sandino refused and continued the fight

Moncada was elected president in 1929.

Selected works[edit]

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  • Moncada, J. M. (1913). Justice!: An appeal to the Executive Power and the Senate of the United States. New York: [s.n.].
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  • Moncada, J. M., & Gahan, A. C. (1911). Social and political influence of the United States in Central America. New York: s.n
Political offices
Preceded by
Adolfo Díaz
President of Nicaragua
Succeeded by
Juan Bautista Sacasa

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