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José María Orellana's portrait on a Q1 bill

José María Orellana Pinto (July 11, 1872 – September 26, 1926) was a Guatemalan politician, President of Guatemala from December 10, 1921 to September 26, 1926.

Orellana, born in El Jícaro, department of El Progreso, was a general of the Guatemalan army. He took possession after a coup d'état against then president Carlos Herrera, and had himself elected as president the next year. His father was Esteban Orellana and his mother Leonor Pinto.[1]

During Orellana's term, the quetzal as unit of currency was created. Orellana's image appears in the obverse of the one-quetzal bill, the most common form of currency in Guatemala.[2]


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Preceded by
Carlos Herrera
President of Guatemala
Succeeded by
Lázaro Chacón