José María Oriol

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José María de Oriol y Urquijo (Santurce (Vizcaya), 12 August 1905 - Madrid 1984) was a Spanish politician, academic and businessman. He was president of Hidroeléctrica Española.[1]

He was son of José Luis de Oriol y Urigüen an important architect and financier in the electric and railway sectors. The official name of Alcántara Dam is named after him.


  1. ^ The Power of Entrepreneurs: Politics and Economy in Contemporary Spain Page 108 Mercedes Cabrera, Fernando del Rey Reguillo - 2007 "Jose Maria de Oriol y Urquijo, for his part, had a very similar career. He also came from a traditionalist background and also fought in the war. Likewise, he was an innovator in business and a defender of the electric industry, ... "