José Martí MAST 6-12 Academy

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José Martí MAST 6-12 Academy

JMMAST 6-12 Entrance.JPG

5701 W. 24 Ave
Hialeah, Florida, 33016
United States
Type Public Magnet
Established as José Martí Middle: 1987
as José Martí MAST: August 2011
School district Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Principal Mr. José Enriquez, Jr.
Asst. Principal Ivette Diaz-Rubio
Sofia Buttacavoli
Grades 6-12
Enrollment 567[1]
Color(s) Silver, Navy Blue, White


Nickname Silver Knights
School Grade A+ (as of 2012-2013)
School Hours 7:20 AM to 2:20 PM

José Martí MAST 6-12 Academy,[2] also known as JMMA 6-12 or MAST 3 is a magnet school incorporating grades 6 through 12 in Hialeah, Florida. Established in 1987 as José Martí Middle School, it introduced its magnet program with a high school expansion in 2011.

The school operates with an 8 periods, with 4 even-period classes on one day, and 4 odd-period classes on the other, to allow students to take extra electives.[3]


The school was established in 1987 as José Martí Middle School, by José Enriquez, Sr., the school's first principal.[4][5] Eventually, Enriquez's son become the principal of the school.[5] Prior to the transition to a magnet school, José Martí Middle experienced troubling events such as the intentional setting of a fire in 1999.[6] In November 2010, the school earned over $6,000 by saving energy, which they used to help tutor students.[7]

Transition to magnet school (2011-present)[edit]

After the superintedent of M-DCPS opened a MAST in Homestead, he decided to "franchise" MAST Academy.[8] Following this, José Martí was converted to a magnet high school in August 2011, with 6th through 9th grades present in the 2011-2012 school year. In November 2011, there was an incident involving pepper spray being sprayed in a stairwell, causing 20 students to go to a hospital for non-life threatening concerns.[9] Later in the month, the school became one of three schools, the other two being EA and Hialeah Middle, to be enrolled into the Afterschool Nutrition Program.[10] In May 2013, the CED visited MAST.[11] The 2013-2014 school year marked the first school year in which both the middle and high schools were converted to a whole magnet school. The school has maintained a relatively small population since its transition to a magnet, to offer its students a richer one-on-one learning experience; the founding senior Class of 2015 includes just 50 students.[12]

Awards & Honors[edit]

In the 2012-13 school year and again in 2013-2014, MAST was named a Merit School of Excellence. This award placed Jose Martí MAST in the top 1% of Magnet Schools in the country. [13] In 2013, Jose Martí MAST had seven students place 1st to 3rd in several categories for the Youth Crime Watch of Miami-Dade County, FL Poster and Essay Contests.[14] In 2013, Yenny Dieguez, then a student at the school was awarded the Innovative Engineering Second Award from the National Society of Professional Engineers at the State Science and Engineering Fair and placed second at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Phoenix, AZ.[15][16]


As the MAST (Mathematics and Science Technology) name implies, the school centers its focus around mathematics and science classes, or STEM classes.[17]

Martí MAST integrates and combines the middle school and high school into one building.[18] The high school has three academies for its students to choose from: the Life Science Academy, the Physical Science Academy, and Mathematics/Computer Science.[19]

The school collaborates with several organizations, universities, and partners such as Florida International University, Zoo Miami, and the LARC Technical Institute.[20] The school is a "No Excuses University" school, as well, having even visited Florida International University as part of FIU and McDonald's initiative.[21]

The school connects with its students through social media outlets such as Twitter, Edmodo, and personal teacher websites.[22]

School grades[edit]

Martí Middle[edit]

Since the 2001-02 school year, José Martí Middle was consistent in scoring a "C" grade, achieving the grade 8 out of 12 years. The school became a "B" school under Mr. Lorenzo Ladaga's administration in the 2002-2003 school year. Jose Marti Middle School became an "A" school during the 2005-2006 school year under Principal Jose Bueno.[23]

School Year Grade
2001-02 C
2002-03 B
2003-04 C
2005-06 A
2006-07 C
2007-08 B
2009-10 C

Martí MAST[edit]

In the short history of the MAST Academy, the school has never achieved a school grade lower than an "A".[24]

School year Grade
2011-12 A
2012-13 A
2013-14 A

Notable people associated with Martí MAST[edit]

  • José Enriquez, Jr., principal; 2006–present[18]
  • Ivette Diaz-Rubio, assistant principal[21]
  • Sofia Buttacavoli, assistant principal
  • Tombi Bell, physical education teacher, former WNBA player


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