José Serrato

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José Serrato
24th President of Uruguay
In office
March 1, 1923 – March 1, 1927
Preceded by Baltasar Brum
Succeeded by Juan Campisteguy
Personal details
Born September 30, 1868
Montevideo, Uruguay
Died September 7, 1960
Montevideo, Uruguay
Nationality Uruguayan
Political party Colorado Party
Profession Engineer, Economist

José Serrato (1868–1960) was a Uruguayan political figure.


Serrato was a prominent member of the Uruguayan Colorado Party which had long dominated the politics of the country. He was broadly identified with the policies of José Batlle y Ordóñez, but was regarded as not being strongly ideological, and thus able to work with others in the party with more polarized standpoints.[1] He served as Minister of Finance from 1904-1906.

President of Uruguay[edit]

Serrato served as President of Uruguay from 1923–1927, succeeding Baltasar Brum in that office.

In 1925 he presided over the formal opening of the Palacio Legislativo, Montevideo.

He himself was succeeded by Juan Campisteguy.

Post Presidency[edit]

Serrato later served as Uruguayan Foreign Minister under President Juan José de Amézaga.

He died in 1960, more than 30 years after leaving the Presidency.

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