José Beá

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José Beá
Born Josep Maria Beà i Font
Nationality Spanish
Area(s) artist
Notable works
Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella

Josep Maria Beà i Font, in Spanish José Beá (born Barcelona, 11 March 1942) is a Catalan comic book artist.


Jose Bea started his comic book career in the late 1950s when he worked for Fleetway in Britain. He also worked on Miller's TV Heroes during this period. In the early 1960s he worked on Space Ace for Atlas, as well as Lone Star. In 1962 Bea moved to Paris where he focused on painting rather than comic book art. In 1971 he returned to comic books, working on Dracula and Marilyn.

Due to his connections with the Spanish agency Selecciones Illustrada, Bea started working for Warren Publishing in America in 1971. Bea worked on artwork for all three of Warren's horror titles, Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella, and also wrote a number of his stories. This would include the three part series Tales of Peter Hypnos as well as numerous stand alone stories. His work for Dracula was reprinted in a separate book published by Warren, as well as the story Invasion in Eerie 75. Bea would draw approximately 30 stories for Warren, as well as two covers (one of which was a reprinted, colored panel from one of his stories).

After his departure from Warren in 1976, Bea worked on Tales of the Galactic Inn. In 1979 he was convicted for offences against morality for the content of one of his stories in this title, and was forbidden from doing anymore artwork. Once this ban was lifted, he worked on the magazine Rambla with Luis Garcia, as well as a number of humor magazines.

Selected bibliography[edit]

A sample of Jose Bea's work, from Creepy #45
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  • Eerie issues 39-41,72,73,75,76 (1972–1976)
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  • The Warren Companion, by David A. Roach and Jon B. Cooke

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