Jose Rizal Bridge

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Coordinates: 47°35′45″N 122°19′02″W / 47.59584°N 122.317282°W / 47.59584; -122.317282

Jose Rizal Bridge
Seattle - 12th Ave Bridge 01.jpg
Jose Rizal Bridge (2007)
Location Seattle, Washington
Built 1911
NRHP Reference # 82004227
Added to NRHP 1982

The Jose Rizal Bridge carries 12th Avenue South across South Dearborn Street and Interstate 90 in Seattle, connecting the International District to Beacon Hill. Built in 1911, and originally called the 12th Avenue South Bridge or the Dearborn Street Bridge, it was one of the first permanent steel bridges in Seattle.[1] It was renamed in honor of the Filipino patriot José Rizal in 1974, though the official name is not well known by Seattleites.[2] The bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.[1][3]

As a result of Paul Schell's attempt to light several bridges for the Seattle Millennium Project, the bridge is illuminated by floodlights.[4]

In 2002, the bridge was the site of the murder of a police informant.[5]

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