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Aldecoa in 2005

Josefina Aldecoa, originally known as Josefa Rodriguez Alvarez (8 March 1926 – 16 March 2011), was a Spanish writer and teacher who was born in León.[1] She was married to the writer Ignacio Aldecoa, whose surname she adopted after his death for her own literary career. She died on 16 March 2011 in Cantabria, due to respiratory problems, aged 85.[2]


Josefina Aldecoa grew up in León. There she became part of a literary group that produced the poetry magazine Espadaña. She moved to Madrid in 1944, where she studied Philosophy and Letters. She received her doctorate in teaching from the University of Madrid, focusing on the child's relationship to art. Her dissertation was later published as the book El arte del niño (1960). While studying she became connected to part of the group of writers later known as the Generation of '50: Carmen Martín Gaite, Rafael Sánchez Ferlosio, Alfonso Sastre, Jesús Fernández Santos and Ignacio Aldecoa, whom she married in 1952.


  • Historia de una maestra[3]
  • Mujeres de negro[3]
  • La fuerza del destino[3]


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