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For the basketball player, see Joe Belmont.

Joseph Belmont (born 1 June 1947[1]) is a Seychellois politician who was the Vice President of the Seychelles from 16 April 2004 until his retirement on 30 June 2010.[2] He took office after President France-Albert René stepped down and the previous Vice-President, James Michel, replaced René as President. Belmont is one of the leading members of the Seychelles People's Progressive Front (SPPF).

Belmont, who was born in Grand Anse on the island of Mahé, was Minister for Labour and Social Security from 1982 to 1985. During the subsequent ten years, he was Minister of Manpower and Social Services on two occasions, as well as Minister of Health and Social Services and Minister of Administration and Manpower. He was Second Designated Minister and Minister for Administration and Manpower from 1993 to 1996, then became Designated Minister and Minister for Administration and Manpower in 1996. After serving as Minister for Industries and International Business from 1998 to 1999,[1] he was moved to the position of Minister of Housing and Land Use in a December 1999 cabinet reshuffle.[3] After four years in the latter position, he was appointed as Minister of Tourism and Transport in January 2004; soon afterward, in April 2004, he became Vice-President, while also holding the Tourism, Transport and Public Administration portfolios. Later, he was assigned the portfolios of Internal Affairs, Public Administration and Tourism.[1]

In the July 2006 presidential election, in which Michel was victorious, Belmont ran as his vice-presidential candidate.[1][4]