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This article is about Joseph Clayton. For Joseph "Joe" P. Clayton (CEO of Dish Network), see Joe Clayton.

Joseph Clayton (1868-1943) was an English freelance journalist and biographer. A writer of numerous books, he covered areas of trade union and socialist history, but also religious figures and history.[1]


He was a Christian Socialist as an undergraduate at the University of Oxford. He became an organiser of the Independent Labour Party, and supported socialist causes.[2] In 1896 he was an ILP member in Leeds.[3]

He edited The New Age in 1907, successor to Arthur Compton-Rickett,[4] before it was sold to a group backing A. R. Orage and Holbrook Jackson;[5] Clayton knew Orage from the ILP.[6] He was a convert to Catholicism in 1910. He was a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.[7]


  • Father Dolling (1902) on Robert William Radclyffe Dolling
  • Grace Marlow (1903) novel
  • John Blankset's Business (1904) novel
  • Bishop Westcott (1906)
  • The Bishops as Legislators (1906)
  • The Truth about the Lords: our new nobility, 1857-1907 (1907)
  • Robert Owen, Pioneer of Social Reforms (1908)
  • Wat Tyler and the Peasant Revolt (1909)
  • The True Story of Jack Cade (1910)
  • Leaders of the People: studies in democratic history (1910)
  • The Rise of the Democracy (1911)
  • Robert Kett and the Norfolk Rising (1912)
  • Co-operation and the Trade Unions (1912)
  • Father Stanton of St Albans, Holborn (1913)
  • Trade Unions (1913)
  • Economics For Christians (1924)
  • The Historic Basis of Anglicanism: A short survey of the foundations of the Anglican Communion (1925)
  • The Rise and Decline of Socialism in Great Britain 1884-1924 (1926)
  • Continuity in the Church Of England (1928)
  • St Hugh of Lincoln (1931)
  • Sir Thomas More. A Short Study (1933)
  • The Protestant Reformation in Great Britain (1934)


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