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Joe Fineberg (1886–1957) was a prominent translator for the Communist International. He produced English translations of works by Alexander Bogdanov and Vladimir Lenin.

Joe was born in Poland but it was while in London that he became active in the Jewish Social Democratic Organisation, a section of the British Socialist Party (BSP) for Jews based in London's East End. Although living in Hackney, he was secretary of the Stepney BSP branch.[1]

In July 1918, Fineberg moved to post revolutionary Russia of his own volition, at a time when many of his comrades were being deported. Once there he became a translator for the Communist International and joined the Bolshevik British Communist Group in Russia.

Fineberg was at the Founding Congress of the Comintern (2–6 March 1919).

Works translated[edit]

  • Bogdanov: A Short Course of Economic Science (published in English in 1923)
  • Lenin: What is to be done (published in English in 1929)
  • Lenin: Left Wing Communism: An Infantile Disorder (published in English in 1935)


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